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When a few hundred alumni, students and guest professionals gather at Westminster College on one Saturday each semester, it goes deeper than shaking hands and rubbing elbows.  At a recent Professional Networking Symposium (PNS), Broadcasting and Media Production students connected with these great graduates: Joe Ligo (’14) from PBS’ MOTORWEEK; Kathryn Larson Baschnagel (’07) from WKOW (ABC) in Madison, WI ;  Corey Benedict (’14) from WTOV (NBC) in Stuebenville, OH; Alyssa Hanna (’12) from 31st Street Studios.

The PNS goes beyond the resume`and preparing for the job interview.  It’s a real chance to connect during panels, break out sessions, a power lunch and a social gathering at the Fractured Grape. Each providing an excellent platform to foster frank discussions of life after college.

Ben Nelson and Brad Weaver
Ben Nelson and Brad Weaver

It was also an opportunity for faculty to reconnect with these great graduates as you can see from my selfies.  Finally, I want to give a shout-out to Ben Nelson (’06) for leading the way on these great PNS events.

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