The job that got away


I was very disappointed that I had to miss the Westminster College Professional Networking Symposium. I had family matters to attend to back home. Getting to meet Westminster alumni that have recently been where I am today killed me in a way where I could not ask questions, or just get a new contact in my phone. Not attending this could lead to me not finding the job I want once I graduate. I can only regret missing this opportunity.

For example, if my plan was to go work for a Christian news station, Joe Ligo would have been my go to guy. But since I did not attend Joe doesn’t know who I am, I don’t know Joe and I don’t have that contact with him. The job I may have wanted is gone. Broadcasting is like many jobs out today; “sometimes it not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Joe LigoIf I could have met any of the Alumni from the Professional Networking Symposium I wish I could of met Joe Ligo, and as well as Jarred Treshok. As for myself, wanting to peruse something in the broadcasting technical side, Jarred and Joe are Alumni that have more of that technical background. Having meet would have given me the advantage of learning valuable information, tips and contact information from Joe and Jarred. Joe is an associate Producer from Cornerstone Television, which is such a small station that Joe is doing almost about everything on the show. Being able to do everything on the show is fantastic because it gives Joe the opportunity to say he did almost everything in the station and as well gain valuable information on learning how everything runs. He describes it as “ almost kind of like a Masters degree.” As Joe talks about his transition from college to the real world he talks about how he found a job very easily. He was not planning on graduation a semester early and was not planning on really trying to find a job until his spring semester of his senior year. When he received information of a job opening his fall semester of his senior year he took it. If I had the opportunity to meet Joe I would of valued any information he would have shared with me as asked him many of questions that would of helped me advance in the position I am in right now. From listening to the podcast, one form of advice I would take from Joe is the fact of possibly graduating early. Mr. Weaver talked to me about graduating early and I was very hesitant on it. I really didn’t understand why anyone would want to do that. But, it can lead to me landing a job over anyone else because graduating a semester early will allow me to grab a job opening in the winter time rather then in the late spring and summer time when there is a flood of people graduating into the field. Joe’s work showed me that by doing that can one up the competition and lead to one landing a job.

Secondly if I was able to meet with Jarred Treshok one of Joe Ligo’s peers when they attended Westminster. I believe I could have gained some valuable information that could help me with another route I am planning on covering at my time here at Westminster. Currently I am declaring a double minor in film and social media. These two minors go hand and hand with each other. In the film minor works on the story aspect, while social media can help publicizes any of the material made. Being able to do that will help me become a more rounded person. Jarred is a Communications Manager at Five Opportunities. His job is to create and upload various things such as Social Media posts, videos, blogs and update the web site. Having to skills to do all of these things are powerful to a company, and it can make oneself very valuable.

Jarred got his start from his friends father who already worked in the business. His friend’s father called him one day and asked him “what are you doing with your life” and then gave Jarred the job. That right there is one thing I can take away from Jarred he stated in the broadcast “Can’t stress it enough… start networking now!” Jarred showed me that he started making contacts and networking when he was a sophomore and still had trouble trying to place a job after graduation. Attending this Professional Networking Symposium could have been my contact with five people who graduates with in this major. I missed the opportunity and I wish I had been able to meet these people to start a contact with them. I just hope it does not lead to me missing a job opportunity.Jarred Treshok