On the Fast Track: KFRY-TV’s Assistant ND

KFRY-TV in Bismarck, ND

Anthony Humes is now AD at KFRYFor 2014 Westminster College grad Anthony Humes the past year has changed as fast as the weather does in his new home in Bismarck, ND.  He arrived at KFRY-TV as a videographer and quickly moved up to on-air reporter.

Anthony is from Durham, England, and redefines upward mobility for a Westminster grad.  Late this summer, KFRY management named him the assistant news director.

Just two short years ago Anthony was a staffer with the Westminster Cable Network.  He was with working his peers on our television news magazine, editing Titan football highlights for Coaches Corner while also working on his capstone project.

Life moves quickly and Anthony’s experience shows you just how fast things can change.  When he arrived at Westminster as a freshmen, he was only planning to stay one semester as an international student.  He worked hard to return, joining the basketball team and declaring Broadcasting as his major.

Now he’s547430_10150823193884103_221409183_n second in command in the newsroom at the NBC affiliate in Bismarck.  Anthony stresses he’s still reporting and he’s also producing newscasts because in a small market you need to do it all.  However, he’s once again leading by example. He’s the perfect example of how the Westminster experience fosters a well-rounded individual ready to go beyond the ordinary.  I’ve always argued we prepare our students through hands-on experience from day one.  We challenge them to know every job– to prepare to be move into management and lead by example.

This philosophy has played out for Anthony as his success at KFRY is our success.

Congratulations to Anthony Humes.  We’ve very proud of you!