TITAN TO TEXAS! New EP gig for 2010 grad

Taking the experience from NYC to the Lone Star State


AUSTIN, Tx.– Jordan Early (2010) has traded in her work address at Fox News headquarters in ultra-urban Big Apple for the challenges of managing the newsroom in the charming and livable city of Austin, Texas. While it’s not New York City and the pace of life is a little slower, it’s still the 4th most populous city in Texas (and 14th in the country). It’s also the center of power in the Lone Star State. Instead of getting up early to produce ‘Fox & Friends’ and coping with the Manhattan commute, Jordan has moved into newsroom management at KEYE-TV (CBS). She’s an executive producer overseeing producers, anchors, reporters, and other staffers and shaping the daily news coverage for Austin viewers.

“I really love Austin and everyone is so chill in our newsroom. I love & miss Fox every day, but I was not a fan of NYC for the long term. But Austin is such a cool town.”

CBS Austin (a Sinclair station) is a dominant fixture in the Texas capital city competing in DMA 39 against several other TV stations. Early’s journey began at Westminster Cable She worked behind the scenes and in front of the camera at WCN.  She’s worked in television news as a producer and reporter in Mobile, New Orleans, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Pittsburgh.