First-time video storytellers shine with their WCN 24/7 productions

Jessie Klousnitzer shooting on location at Knockin’ Noggin inside the Volant Mill.

We push our single-camera video production students to ‘show & tell’ with audio and video.  We think some of our first-time video students took on the challenge and impressed us with what they created.  They did the interviews.  They shot the video.  They wrote and edited these video news packages.

Up first is Jessie Klousnitzer as she took our camera into the 200-year old Volant Mill in search of spirits.  What she shows us is the spirit of entrepreneurship bubbling up form the Knockin Noggin Winery & Cidery.

10748493_1511860575746512_1084936983_nNick Pizzuto came to the video production class from the Criminology Department where he’s about to graduate.  He impressed us with his skill with the camera and storytelling as he shows us an efforts at Westminster College to save history before it’s lost forever.

15170073357_26358bc558_bThe next story comes from Paden Jones as she discovers Westminster’s Biology Department‘s secret garden.  It’s a garden without soil producing tomatoes year-round thanks to something called REPTOPONICS.

gabeFinally, Gabe Ferraro shows takes us under the surface (with the help of a GoPro camera) for a look at a special training technique used by the Westminster swim teams to help push them toward success as they seek to climb to the top in the PAC.

Each student met the challenges of the outcomes mapped out in BC 251/Single Camera VIdeo Production.  They shot with both JVC ProHD and Canon T5i DSLR cameras.  They edited on Adobe Premiere 6.0.  BC 251 is offered every fall at Westminster College and is one of the fundamental courses in the Broadcast & Digital Communications programs.