Behind the scenes of WCN’s Coaches Corner


Coaches Corner (CC) provides experiences for seasoned students focused on sports broadcasting to work with first-year students to create a weekly television sports magazine.


10636190_805871959464118_7940252826227364763_nAmanda Sloan, Taran Sifontes-Lavine & Tiffany Jackson serve in front of the camera while Dr. Barner’s new  students take command behind the scenes.  This is the first time Barner’s first-year class has taken part in the show.

“I decided to try my first-year class as the TV crew for the show to give them real world experience,” Barner said. “The hosts, directors and producers are upperclass students, but the crew is from BC 101.”

Those sophomores, juniors and seniors also serve15022968897_9774b0f406_b as mentors for the newcomers.  CC started in the 1980s and featured featured Westminster Hall of Fame Coach Joe Fusco.


The sports magazine show brings students in from the field and live remote broadcasts to the newly renovated television studio.  Coaches Corner makes its home in the new Studio One, part of the updated broadcast operations at Westminster College.

“Broadcast & Digital Communications is a hands on major,” Barner stressed. “We want you to learn by doing under real world conditions and deadlines and CC is perfect as we record the show live in the studio.”


Terese MarszalekTiffany Jackson is CC’s 2nd female host of the show.  Terese Marszalek became the first woman to host the show (2007-2008).  She had a personal connection with sports as she was a star10678654_805871762797471_8453317543053324532_n on the Women’s basketball team.  Tiffany is part of the Titan volleyball squad while also having a strong background in swimming and other athletics.