Documentary Showcase 2014


2014 Documentary Showcase

A big shout out to Chris Robb, Stephen Bendig and Taylor Heinrich as each young man presented a capstone project at the 2014 Broadcast Communication Documentary Showcase.

The Dec. 6 showcase marks the fifth year for the event where our seniors premiere documentaries to the world during a campus celebration in Mueller Theater.

“AM I MY MOTHER’S KEEPER”: produced by Chris Robb.

A look at Filial Responsibility Laws that seek to force family members to take on the burden of other the debts of other adult family members—even if they’re estranged or if they have no power of attorney.  Critics call the use of such laws a collection agency tactic.  This project examines the laws through a mountain of debt placed on one woman after nursing care bills piled up for her elderly mother and Medicaid refused to pay.

“Pittsburgh’s Prodigal Sons”- Produced 10694246_1580866482148444_6975338185689485311_oby Stephen Bendig
The Hawkeyes, a rock band out of Pittsburgh comprised of a “bunch of yinzers”, tries to make it big in an ever changing musical world.
Along the way they struggle through grimy venues, minimal pay and the potential expulsion of their lead guitarist Nick Libeg.

10733899_1580866485481777_2869536267513323851_o“Extending the Drive”- Produced by Taylor Heinrich
New to the ways of semi-professional football, Toby Bonitz now takes on the challenges of being a fresh college graduate with bills to pay, as well as a responsibility to his new team.
Toby must now attempt to balance the game he once loved in addition to his new “real world” responsibilities of starting his own career and life.