NEW WILMINCBI AwardGTON, Pa.– Westminster Cable Network (WCN) and Titan Radio 88.9FM were recognized as one of the top four colleges in the nation for having the “Best Social Media Presence,” according to College Broadcaster, Inc. (CBI).

CBI is an organization serving students and advisers of college and high school electronic media outlets, representing students involved in radio, television, webcasting, and other related media activities.

“Employers want to hire individuals who can do it all,” said Bradley Weaver, lecturer and student media adviser. “Having our students manage the social media accounts for Titan Radio and WCN is valuable, real-world experience.”

The following students received recognition for their contribution to Titan Radio’s and WCN’s social media: Paden Jones, Tiffany Jackson, Vinny Nerti, Taran Sifontes-Lavine, Taylor Nichol, Amanda Sloan, Harrison Greene, Kellen Gursky, Justin Wilson, Channing Pifer, Dan Swank, Danielle Dindak, Brad Kolesar, and Zach Hynus. Also recognized were recent graduates Dom Ciraula and Jessie Klousnitzer.

2015 CBI Award

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