By Zac Hynus

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– In the pre-dawn darkness of quiet September morning, Ferguson Hall is alive with bright lights and television cameras.   The Westminster residence hall buzzes with models, reporters, student scientists and a small TV news crew from WFJM in Youngstown.  In the middle of all this activity is a producer who 16 years earlier was a undergraduate on this very campus.

Amy GarlandAmy Gustavson Garland, Class of 1998, works at Channel 21 where she manages daily newscasts. When she heard that Susan Henderson, the fashion director of WFMJ-TV, wanted to do a fashion show at Westminster College, Garland saw an opportunity to take her morning show crew to her alma mater.

“It was really cool, being that I’m a Westminster alumni, to be able to come back and produce the show here and see it come to life.”

In addition to staging a fashion show featuring six undergad models, Garland turn the spotlight on other campus stories.  They interviewed Admissions Director Brad Tokar about increases in this year’s enrollment; the addition of men’s and women’s lacrosse teams; and the cost of going to college.

Next, on the rundown for WFMJ Today’s live segment was an on-camera interview about the Tiny House Project with students Cameron Worthing and Lexie Yoho.  They offered their experiences with researching the Tiny House movement and sustainability and their efforts to construct one for a campus pilot project.

The WC fashion models also experienced makoevers during the two-hour live telecast. Garland had a little time to slip over to the new Westminster Cable studio.  There she discovered an photo hanging on the wall of her and her friends when they worked on the old Westminster Cable 9 programs.

“It’s wonderful to be back in a place with so many great memories and to see how much its changed, and how its moving forward.”

Garland said that while she’s been away from Mother Fair for several years, the spirit on campus remains the same.