The Spring Break Habitat for Humanity GoPro Music Video Project

Sometimes I Feel Like Building from WCN 24/7 on VIMEO on Vimeo.

What happens when Broadcast Communications students & faculty volunteer and travel with Westminster’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter for Spring Break?  WCN staffer Stephen Bendig documents the volunteer efforts with the Blount County Habitat for Humanity Organization with a GoPro camera and a hip hop beat.  The music video’s lyrics were also written and performed by 2013 graduate Adam Carswell.

Stephen Bendig

Music composed & performed by Ricky Valdez
Lyrics written & performed by Adam Carswell featuring Sammy Whammy
Video shot & produced by Stephen Bendig
2014 WCN Productions

Featuring the Westminster College Chapter of Habitat for Humanity on location in Maryville, TN, working with volunteers from Eastern Illinois University, Lourdes University and St. Joseph’s University. In total, 70 students worked with Blount County’s Habitat for Humanity and Collegiate Challenge, a national program with Habitat International that encourages college students to volunteer during their spring break.