Kendall Hunter

For any media professionals or scholars, the key to the experience is being plugged-in to the community.  That’s WCN’s Kendall Hunter.  He’s a leader and on-air fixuture on Titan Radio and Westminster Cable, but he’s also a student-athlete, a coach, a member of Student Government, a documentary producer and a sports journalist.  This week’s TR Rewind Student spotlight focuses on this well-rounded young man who’s plugged-in and ready to go any time.

Q:  Tell me a little about what you do with WCN and Titan Radio?

K. HUNTER: My advisors allow me to do a little bit of everything. I am a DJ and the sports director of Titan Radio, an anchor and reporter on WCN, as well as a sports announcer for both radio and television broadcasts.

Q: What do you identify as advantages you’ll have over other college students in similar programs in big schools?

K. HUNTER: As a first year broadcast major, I was able to step right in and help with cameras on WCN and disc jockeying on Titan Radio. There were a lot of upperclassmen that helped me through the process, but at a lot of bigger schools, students don’t get those opportunities right away. At my internship in the summer, I was from the smallest school by far, but it shows that we can compete with schools like Syracuse, Alabama, and Georgia.

Q: Why did you choose to work at the TV station and at Titan Radio?

K. HUNTER: From the students to the staff, everyone in the BC department made it a joy to be in the station. I was not a very good speaker when I came to Westminster, but this department has helped me to become comfortable and confident. Lastly, I love sports, and working in the station was the first time that I could put my random sports knowledge to use!

Q: What’s the craziest that’s happen to you working on a broadcast or you’ve done at the station?

K. HUNTER: I was working on a project for WCN and my demo reel in the station until 4:30 a.m., and then I took a 45 minute nap, and left for 6 a.m. basketball practice… Needless to say it wasn’t my best practice, but I got there on time and my work was done!

Q: What’s the best part working with WCN and Titan Radio? And the hardest part?

K. Hunter:  The best part is the people and the opportunities. If there’s something you want to try, your advisors and classmates won’t hinder you in any way. Not only that, but they’ll help you as much as they can with anything, whether it’s a BC problem or not. On the other hand, the toughest part is the time commitment. Our major is different than most on campus because it’s similar to having a full-time job along with your other liberal arts classes. It’s the reason why we’re all so close in the department, but it does require a lot of time outside of class. I’m sure that most majors would say, however, that’s it’s time very well spent!