Jarred Treshok is a tweeting manic!

Jarred Treshok

Jarred Treshok on the anchor desk at WCN.

Jarred Treshock does it all.  He has anchored THE COUNTY LINE, announces live television and radio coverage of high school and college sports and DJ’s on Titan Radio.

What we think is so cool about Jarred this semester is his ability to lead the way in using social media while on duty announcing men’s and women’s basketball on Titan Radio and WCN.  You can keep up with the Jarred’s active tweets during any of our broadcasts  @JTreshok.

This senior Broadcast Communications major interned at WPXI-TV (NBC) in Pittsburgh and continues to lead fellow students in the production of THE COUNTY LINE and TITANTOWN SPORTS.  Thanks for all your hard work, Jarred!


Q&A with Jarred Treshok!

Q: What’s your history with WCN & Titan Radio?

JT:  The TV station has been a fixture of my time here at Westminster. Being a senior, it has become my second home other than my dorm room. The station today is commercial free on Titan Radio, Digital 88.9 FM. It continues to grow with opportunity as students come through each day with different and creative ideas.

Q:  What sets your TV station apart from other college TV stations?

JT:  We’re a cable network on Comcast and Armstrong Cable systems as well as providing our content live online at wcnlive.com.  We are different because we provide both live feeds on TV and also online. It’s unique to do this, especially in a college setting.

Q:  Why did you choose to work at the TV station?

JT:  I chose to work at the TV station because I saw the opportunity to learn and grow as a broadcaster. The station gives me the ability to follow my passion. It also pushes me everyday to become a better student, worker, and a better person in life in general.

Q:  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your station?

JT:  The craziest thing I have ever done for my station is doing three broadcasts in one day. This has happened multiple times actually. It shows how much dedication I have to the station because I have done this by choice. This type of drive from all of the staffers is what makes us such a great station.

Q:  What’s the best part of college radio? And the hardest part?

JT:  The best part of college radio is having the ability to do so much. When you have an idea, it is very rarely shut down because we are always will to try new things. The hardest part is taking classes at the same time of working at the station. It makes it difficult to do everything you want to do.